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一路上有你 苦一点也愿意


one of the rare few i dare to open up to, no matter what.

thank you for the solid 3 hours of htht last week, anna zhu............. this friendship means so much to me more than you'll ever know.

Keep going. Just keep going

i dont think anybody still ever reads auntyyap.livejournal.com so this shall be something that i write and record for myself and myself only.

July and August have been one of the craziest months I have ever faced and I can't wait for it to be all over.

so overwhelmed by school, birthday celebrations, monetary issues, jobs and the list goes on. it has been so hectic and i keep finding myself running around like a headless chicken most of the time.

uni is starting in september and i'm really kinda dreading it but i keep telling myself this is the last lap of my education path and no matter what i gotta do well because so many sacrifices have been made by my parents as well as my jiu jiu just to fund me for school. i can't let myself disappoint them.

that being said... i hope the remaining months of 2014 wouldnt be as bad cos i believe i have my fair share of bad days this year. GOOD DAYS PLS COME TO MOMMA

An attempt to revive auntyyap LOL

HARRRRROOO gaise!!!!! so leh how long i never blog liao. got miss me?? :D

hahaha sorry leh i really damn super busy ever since final year started. i dont even know how the past few weeks went by, last warning leh all the tests and submissions like free flow all come together at the same time. so when i say year 3 is crazy, please believe me. lol

enuff of complaining about school. so my life has been pretty bu cuo!!!! made some new friends and got closer to my groupies over the past few months of spending almost everyday together hehe ^.^
neh, this is them!!! a few familiar faces like yijing and jeslyn whom i knew previously already just that we weren't that close yet!!! zar and jean is new friends la this year then know one!!! but its so amazing how all of us can click so well and become this close within a short period of time. this is my first ever time having an all-girls group for the past 3 years of doing projects and i am truly thankful to whoever placed us all in the same class :') i am definitely going to miss all the brainstorming sessions with you all after i graduate. then when i become a mother with kids, imma going to tell stories to my children "you know ah your mom used to hang out with 4 sam pats last time leh" hahahah. love you all, please dont ever forget me in future!!!!

ok then i also wanna show you all some chio photos. in no particular order cos i am lazy like that


oya i also worked for Halloween @ USS for the month of october!!!! i have no idea where i got the courage to so enthu-ly give so much available dates to work and i ended up working for all 10 nights of halloween LOL. siao on pls

but it was a damn fun experience!!!! be it in the booth or doing mobile inside the park both i love la haha. even though i was really scared when i was walking past scare zones OMFG the ghosts really just dont care one leh??? even when i was in red angpow uniform they still come and scare me. ya la i very no balls one but then zzzzz you should've seen them man. they really looked like they were possessed. make up damn real also lo


yep we also celebrated feli's birthday on monday!!!! actually her birthday falls on boxing day but too bad she'll be in Spain so we decided to do a little surprise celebration for her :) :) :) we went for sushi express and then shopped around for pressies!! so much love for these two girls who have been with me ever since year 1. i feel like i have become inseparable from them now already

and of course my other fatties too :* (missing clauuuu)


also met up with my 3 dearest girls for a mahjong sesh last month :D char was talking to me ytd and she was talking about my livejournal i was thinking "WHAT? I ACTUALLY HAVE A BLOG BUT I FORGOT THE EXISTENCE OF IT" hahahaa. what happens when you're a lazy bum

they are already family to me. i dont have to say more <3

oh btw we look really chio here. thanks thanks

mini stay-cation with the boyfriend!! we booked a room at the Equarius hotel and got tickets for the aquarium too. it was so fun!!!! loved every bit of quality time together <3
when it comes to humour, nobody can beat my bandies lolol. the stuff we do are downright retarded but at the end of the day we just have so much fun together!!!! celebrated arnold's birthday a few days back with a really flopped surprise HAHAHAHAHA shit he's too smart. punggol end is officially our favourite hangout place now hahaha. and yes miss tessa finally joined us!!!!! so much love for every single one of them too hehe

ok lor so that's about what i have been doing for the past two months or so hahaha. 2013 is coming to an end and i am really fearing of what comes ahead of me next year cos i am totally clueless of where i wanna go/ what i wanna do. my mother wants me to continue to study but idk uni sounds really overwhelming. private uni's fees are going to be expensive too. sigh


i think i am alot more reserved now than i was in the past. i dont say whats on my mind easily anymore, i bottle things up, i keep thoughts to myself

because i didnt think people were this scary until i met the working world. its so scary how people judge you even before they talk or get to know you. they possess such terrible thoughts and it is pretty overwhelming.

see, you get judged for everything you do. or, worse still, even when you're doing nothing. scary huh...

but i know it isnt healthy to constantly be cautious of what you do or say just because you are afraid of being judged. as the saying goes, the happiest people in the world are those who aren't afraid of what others think. something along that line

i hate to admit this but i feel less happy as compared to who i was in the past. and this sux. so i am going to make a change lol

just thankful for the people i have in my life. those whom i can safely open my heart to, those who wont judge me for whatever i do. im gonna try to be such a friend too



about time that i start talking about my internship experience for the past 5 months eh?? hahahaha

if i were to describe it in one word......... i guess i'll use "fulfilling"

coming into USS wasn't my first preferred choice, if you've followed me long enough i think i mentioned before i wanted the aquarium but somehow i didnt get it and somehow i got chosen for the interview for USS. out of my interview group which included 6 of us, i was the only one who mentioned that i wanted ticketing lolol i had no idea what i was doing lah!!!!!! i mean at that point of time sua ku me has never been to USS so i have no freaking idea how the place works so i just anyhow bomb one department and hoped they didnt take me too seriously.

but in the end i ended up securing my internship position as a ticketing intern at USS and when i received the call i was elated haha yah like fucking contradicting pls but i guess i was just glad that i managed to secure my internship position cuz it was nearing the deadline and i was getting really worried :/ then i was like aiya anything la bo hei hu ma ho. (means no prawns got fish also can; hokkien saying)

wento their induction with an open heart, and when i finally got a glimpse of USS during our induction day 3, I WAS FUCKING EXCITED. LIKE OMG I'M GOING TO WORK IN SUCH A FUN PLACE OMG OMG JUST START WORK IMMEDIATELY CAN OMG. felt like a kid all over again

then when i saw my uniform.................... HAHAHAHAHA all i did was laugh HAHAHHAHA

but who knew, i think i managed to werk the angpow red uniform for 5 months!!!!! :D :D :D i must say i look quite cute in it hehe

then when i finally went into entry operations office and met my colleagues, honestly shuo zhen de i was abit sad lah cuz i felt quite unwelcomed lolol (ABSOLUTELY NO OFFENCE TO TIX PEOPLE READING THIS) but yes i didnt feel like i was going to be a part of them for a pretty long period of time. and that made me dread coming to work :(

but thankfully i found someone on the same boat as me :') we became closer friends and that made work feel much better!!

then i started receiving training and all which was pretty stressful at the beginning but slowly and steadily, i managed to pass training and flew solo after a few days. and of course i managed to brave up and opened up to more people (which later i found out they were actually pretty nice!!!!!)

4 months passed and in my final month, i was cross-trained to turnstiles department. totally new experience for me but i honestly had fun over there :) runner days were indeed stressful but i am really lucky enough to have my fellow interns who always help me and guide me with what to do. thanks guys rly super appreciate the help!!!!
my initial goal before internship started was just to survive the 5 months and make it out alive, get a decent grade. but i never knew i would enjoy it so much despite it being super draining everyday. i guess this job is immensely rewarding when guests tell you that your service is impeccable or you have made their day. got a pleasant surprise when a guest actually wrote in to compliment me and i feel nothing beats that kind of recognition :') even though it didnt change anything to my grades pffffffftttt but still, i am happy hehe. super glad to have met so many awesome colleagues and leads along the way too!!!!!

really wish i could say more but there are certain stuff i know i shouldnt be talking about it online like this. sianz

but anyway, i have converted into a casual now so i am still working there!! it really feels different hahahahaa as an intern you need to be freaking cautious of whatever you do cuz your grades are at stake but now you're just like FUCK THE WORLD

eh..... ok im kidding i still need to save my rice bowl hahaha

ok tata


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